Lifestyle Concierge

We exist in interesting times, there’s no doubt! A time of technological advancement, which has created immense efficiency ….and speed.

Undoubtedly with this efficiency and speed we seem to have created another product of these times – stress! This stress has been mainly brought about by the misuse of our own most precious of scarce resources – Time. No matter how many to do lists we make, no matter how quickly we respond to emails and texts, no matter how many gadgets we install into our homes to cater for our faster better and more automatic life, we still seem to be left feeling frazzled and fatigued by the end of the working week.

How we can help

By taking care of some of life’s most simple chores, we hope to help you de-stress your working week and put the pleasure back into your precious free time.

We want to help. We enjoy what we do and we know we can make a difference. We can be your housekeeper, cleaner, dog walker, key holder, gardener, plant waterer, secretary, administration clerk, maintenance man and girl Friday and we will design our services around exactly the type of help you need.

Here is an example of some of our services. Each one shows how we can maximise the value we provide:

While we provide a routine clean, we encourage clients to organise as many tasks as possible while we are at your home, on a regular cleaning visit. For example; we help you schedule Tesco home shopping delivery, parcel delivery and tradesmen visits while we are at your home. We can organise laundry, dry cleaning and ironing. Our team of office Angels can help with administration, bill paying, postage, filing, year end preparation,etc. We can help you regain balance in your lifestyle – a lifestyle concierge, if you will!

About Us

We’re a family who decided to adopt the Isle of Man as our home in 2007 after some of our family moved over the previous year. We moved from the beautiful Welsh/Shropshire borders on an adventure to find a less stressful and more fulfilling lifestyle where we could take advantage of the safe environment, stunning surroundings and in particular the beautiful coastline of the island. Whilst we had previously enjoyed our careers, we always found that were able to find time to help out neighbours and friends during holidays, generally at times of pressure, illness or need. It is this enjoyment that we have now turned into our business and livelihood.

Through networking on the island, as well as listening to feedback from new residents, we have been able to source all manner of services. We have used the experience and support of Manx families and businesses who have helped us to settle and integrate into island life. We have used recommendations and tried to outsource routine services that we cannot provide ourselves and have recruited a list of specialist advisors for areas that need professional and pertinent consideration, both lifestyle and business.

Lifestyle Concierge has been appointed by the Coutts House Management Company to provide the concierge services for the discerning owners, at this prestigious luxury development.

Jill D Pugh and Brian Pugh – Directors


Jill Pugh

Highly qualified secretary, PA, bookkeeper and customer services manager, Jill has subsequently gained extensive experience in financial services, insurance, accounting, investment operations and supported a variety of businesses since moving to the island.

She is a qualified paraplanner, ran and managed a bespoke health insurance scheme, consistently outperformed in sales and customer service for companies such as Marks and Spenser and Axa and proved her diversity in adapting her skills to other businesses including taxation planners, property developers and health clinics. Jill has a sensitive and respectful communication approach and skills.

Her attention to numerical detail together with her outstanding and caring customer facing approach means that Jill can now apply her experience for the benefit of any individual, family or business that requires an attentive and thorough service.

Brian Pugh

Brian is a Grade One qualified herdsman by profession and still enjoys his dairy farming duties by offering his services on a relief basis. He is happy to start his day at 6am and admits that mornings are his favourite time of the day. With a practical approach to all manner of everyday chores Brian is a first class handyman, gardener and all round general manager. He undertakes property management duties for home owners who spend time off island, including sourcing and organising tradesmen and providing key holder services for access, viewings, maintenance and renovations. Enjoying the outdoors and in particular gardening, Brian provides his own equipment for regular grass cutting services, planting, pruning, patio cleaning and general garden maintenance. He looks after a number of prestigious properties on the island including Coutts House, the luxury residential apartments in Onchan, where he is both caretaker and grounds man. As one of Brian’s very satisfied customers said “Every home needs a Brian!”